1. The Global e-Learning Framework: An Interview with Badrul Khan
    The Technology Source Journal

  2. Dr. Khan's Strategic Framework for E-Learning

  3. Quickest learning in cyber society: Conversation with e-learning guru
    The Independent

  4. Need is for a learner-focussed learning material (starts at page 14).
    Digital Learning

  5. The new wave on the learning front.
    The Times of India

  6. In Conversation with Badrul Khan: The Internet is a bridge.
    Deccan Herald

  7. Special Interview with Badrul Khan: Developing Countries Should Not Lag behind.
    The Daily Protom-Alo (in Bengali Language)

  8. Do we fit in the virtual education plan?
    The Daily Star

  9. Making it easy.
    The Hindu Business Line

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